Appreciation for Community Activities 2016-17

Dear Brother Knights,

As your Grand Knight and as your Community Activities Chairman, I was as surprised as anyone that we did not place for an award in this category at the recent MD State Convention.  Nevertheless, I want to extend my deepest appreciation to all of you who worked and sacrificed so very generously for our needy brothers and sisters.  Please remember that CHARITY is its own reward.

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We can only presume that the other Councils have stepped up the competition and this can only mean an abundance of good works for the poor and suffering throughout the Maryland jurisdiction.


Our quarterly effort at SOME is second to none.  BK Bill Kaczor can be counted on to collect donuts from the local establishments and our Knights and parishioners donate eggs, milk, oranges, etc. to the cause.  Then we get up when it is still dark to make the ride over to the DC facility where we prepare breakfast and personally feed the hungry and homeless.  We also participate with joy each year in the Arc Bowling Bash, earning funds and making relationships for those with developmental challenges.  We believe in inclusion— in our Council, Parish and Community.  Then there is our huge holiday outreach where we give away Coats for Kids, Christmas Gifts for the Needy and participate in Food for Families.  We collect thousands of pounds of food for our pantry and outreach, even meriting a $500 rebate from Supreme each year (money that is placed back into our outreach funds).


Do we do too much and place it all under our outreach banner?  How can one do too much for the disadvantaged?  We have reported on it and shared our reports so that other Councils would do as much.  Well, I guess this year they caught up to us.  Let us not despair because of a desire for recognition; rather, let us rejoice that we have lit a fire so that all Knights will truly let their light shine before men!

GK Roy Cobo


Appreciation for Youth Activities 2016-17

Dear Brother Knights,

I want to extend my deepest appreciation to DGK Mike Turner (Youth Activities Chairman) and BK Pete Rozanski (Family Activities Chairman) for their hard work and efforts for the Council and our young people this past year.  Obviously, there was great disappointment at the fact that we did not place for an award at the recent MD State Convention.  We can only presume that the other Councils have stepped up the competition and this can only mean good things for the children and teens throughout the Maryland jurisdiction.


The Altar Server Appreciation event was new for us and the young people had a great time with the lunch and skate rental.  PGK Joe Massimini, DD Romeo Paternoster and DW George Riddle can testify to all the wonderful help we offer at the combined Council-District Soccer Challenge and Basketball Free-Throw.  Our Council Knights and Ladies constitute the majority of volunteers that make these events possible.

Do not become discouraged.  Keep up the good work!

GK Roy Cobo

Award Standings from the MD State Convention



First Place – Council Website (All Divisions)

First Place – Council Lecturer (All Divisions)

Second Place – Supreme Church Activities (All Divisions)

Third Place – Supreme Culture of Life Activities (All Divisions)

Third Place – Church Activities (C Division)

Third Place – Council Activities (C Division)

Third Place – Culture of Life Activities (C Division)

Third Place – Family Activities (C Division)

Third Place – General Excellence Award (C Division)

We did not place for Community and Youth Activities.


First Place – Auxiliary Best Recurring Activity (C Division)

Second Place – Auxiliary Best New Activity (C Division)

We are sure that the MD State Activity Directors would readily give advice about how to improve our activities and reports, as well as information about how they are judged for the Ocean.  They are always ready and willing to assist Knights and Councils.

MD State CHURCH Activities Director:  Charles Smallwood

MD State COMMUNITY Activities Director:  Phil Tabbita

MD COUNCIL Activities Director:  Bob Heverly

MD STATE FAMILY Activities Director:  Chris Ryder

MD State CULTURE OF LIFE Activities Director:  Mike Furst

MD State YOUTH Activities Director:  Mark Magnus



Here is a LINK to an inspiring article about St. Philip Neri Council and their recent CULTURE OF LIFE efforts.

Here is a LINK to an inspiring article about Resurrection Council and their COMMUNITY service efforts.

Here is a LINK to a few pictures and flyers distributed by Mason-Dixon Council that demonstrate their energetic activities.

Domestic Church Requirement

The Columbian Award and Star Council Award requirement includes not only 24 activities within the six service areas, but it is currently mandated that the Council must conduct a minimum of four Domestic Church Activities. I think this should be emphasized to all Councils in their scheduling of programs and activities. It could happen that twenty-four service activities might fulfill the quarterly requirements but still miss the mark in reference to the Domestic Church activities. Qualifying events are listed on the Supreme website.

This past year Fr. Kidd Council fulfilled the following:

  1. Simple Supper (Soup) & Stations
  2. 5th Sunday Rosary Program (within Rosary Initiative)
  3. Consecration to the Holy Family (with Icon)
  4. Food for Families (within larger outreach)
  5. Renewal of Wedding Vows


Knights & Ladies at the Convention Banquet


Our Chaplain poses first with the Knights (Fletcher Council’s GK Alan Davis & PGK Vernon Hawkins and Fr. Kidd Councils’s DGK Mike Turner, GK Roy Cobo & PGK Jim Murry)…


…and later with the Ladies from various Auxiliaries (Kathy Salvemini, Linda Trott, Kathy Vassallo, Marietta Cobo, Etoile de Hawkins & Edna Turner).

We were photo-bombed by MD State Secretary Dale Trott!